Happy New Year! May your resolutions be cheerful and your minds ready to take on the new year ahead! I began my new year by hopping on a plane back to the East Coast!  

I have always loved to travel, it's a BIG passion of mine! However, it can be a BIG pain if you don't have the right accessories with you. Since I've been traveling for such a long time I have learned through the process of trial and error what I should pack and carry on. (My family loves to tell the story of the time I went to New York and brought not one, not two, but three bags full of clothes...for 2 nights) 

Tonight, I am stuck in the best place to write a blog post on travel. An airport. My flight back to New Jersey has been delayed for 3 hours, therefore leaving me with plenty of time to write! So here we go! 

Kara's Top Five Travel Tips

1) Plan ahead! Plan ahead! Plan ahead! 

I swear by my planner, we all know this. But! I truly believe that when you travel you should try to control all that you can, because sometimes you end up in situations out of your control (SFO, with a 3 hour delay.....cough cough....cough) So plan outfit that is comfortable, but allows you to be a professional after your flight. Find a carry on bag that allows for plenty of storage, but doesn't break your shoulder in half. And most importantly! (In my humble opinion) Pack food! I often struggle to find healthy and affordable options in the airport. So I try and bring my in flight staples and little treats with me! Bonus: this also saves you time! 

2) "But What Do I Wear" -The Grinch

I have been known to strut through the airport in heeled boots, ratty pajamas, and even a brand new audition dress. But what I recommend to all of you is to invest in the following pieces: 

1) Joggers: Here are a pair from Nordstrom that are Linen and Crop (which looks great with a cute pair of sneakers or flats).

2) A cotton sweater. Airplanes can often be cold and keep you from being comfortable; a comfortable bulky sweater such as this one from the Gap is a cute cozy way to bundle up on your 

3) Cute comfy sneakers are a must when traveling. They are easy to slip off at security, but keep your feet warm during those long flights. Take a look at these Steve Madden slip ons

3) Healthy Eating 

I try to maintain a healthy diet despite my location and the number one way to combat cravings for fast food or sweets is by packing snacks to bring with you on your flight. I personally always want a cracker or chip similar to Saltines and have found that Sea Salt Pop Corners are a healthier alternative. This tip differs based on your taste, but I recommend a canister of nuts like Blue Diamond Almonds and a form of protein like Teriyaki Turkey Jerky. Also, a small fruit salad can be perfect for those Red Eye flights. This tip will help you save money and keep your tummy happy! 

4) reusable Water Bottle  

BRING A WATER BOTTLE! Bottled water in the airport can eat up the cash in your wallet! Instead stick an empty water bottle in your carry on and fill it up when you get past security. Want ice and cold cold water? Stop by the Starbucks and ask the barista to fill up your bottle for you. My favorite water bottle is the S'well bottle, which you can find here.

5) The Carry On 

Backpacks, duffle bags, purses, satchels. I've had them all. However, my number one recommended bag is the Vera Bradley Preppy Poly Weekender Bag. This bag has 2 large pockets and 1 zip pocket inside perfect for various types of carry on item. The internal pocket has an adorable design and has enough storage for my laptop, book, planner, pens, etc. However, the best feature of this bag is the strap on the back that allows for it's placement on your suitcase, this allows for easy transport and a hands free experience. 

What in the world is in my Carry On Bag?!