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Opening Your Mind

Opening Your Mind

The time has come. 

It's the end of the semester and everything is CRAZY. You're trying to manage school, summer plans, friends, formals, and everything else. It can really take a toll on your sanity, and I know I am always searching for a way to stay calm.

But what is calm? 

Have I ever really been calm........EVER?? 

It's true, sometimes I live my life like a helicopter, buzzing all over the place and never really touching down on anything. But in the last year I've discovered that the number one way to erase every one of my worries is by opening my mind. 

This phrase: "Open Your Mind"

We've all used it before, but recently I've discovered that it is a cure for all major stresses. 

So here's an activity:

1) List your top 5 worries 

2) Close your eyes and take a breath 

3) Ask yourself why does this cause me stress? Will it truly affect the rest of my life? Will I care/lose sleep over this topic in 10 years?

This is opening your mind. Taking a mindful moment to consider the true repercussions of the events in your life.  This minimizes both the fear and the nerves surrounding a topic or event. 

So take a moment......

and open your mind. 



So it's no secret that I believe FULLY in the power of meditation in one's day to day life. Taking 5 simple minutes to close your eyes and breathe can change everything! 

One year ago, I embarked on a journey to start practicing mindfulness in my everyday life. Mindfulness is a type of meditation focusing on living each moment fully engaged in the present. Have you ever driven home and realized you don't remember how you got there? (Did I actually stop at that stop sign?) Mindfulness combats our tendency to turn on auto pilot. It forces us to be aware of ourselves and our environment. 

By practicing mindfulness every day we create what I like to call a "superpower". You become so aware of yourself that you understand the "signs" of depression, anxiety, stress, or whatever causes negativity in your life. Furthermore, being present in the moment often opens our eyes to the unseen positives surrounding us; we realize that living with an unhealthy mental state can be primarily caused by lack of perspective. Mindfulness opens your eyes. 

Want to know more? Check out THIS LINK or Find mindfulness programs in your area!